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 From a standard version to a personalised one, Ogustine Selfservices can be adapted to your operation



+ Boost offer
  • Management of in-home, videoconferencing and on-site services 
  • Coupon and “hour pack” management
  • Application module to set up on one’s website
  • Employee & self-employed management (direct payment with commission, invoicing on behalf of)
  • WordPress Plugin (module integrations within your website) – available only if the website is made and hosted by Ogustine
  • Interface (API) to read, create, modify data in the software from a third-paty solution²
  • Employee remote clock-in sytem (iOS & Android – manually and QrCode)
  • Arrival/departure follow-up in real time
  • Email synchronisation (Imap, Gmail, Outlook)
  • Messaging internal  system
  • White-labelled app (iOS & Android)
  • Coupon handling (in-home tutoring)
  • Mission review (linked to the clock-in system)
  •  …

² maximum 1000 calls a day

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Internal messaging, planning, clock-in/out management system … A single rate for all your customers and staff.

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