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Visibility Pack

Natural referencing 

In search engines

 With the Visibility Pack, attract those who are looking for you!

Having a website is needed but it is not enough. The key is to be seen!

A very important part of the traffic comes from search engines (Google, Bing, …: Your future customers start making requests related to Personal Home Services. Search engines reference related sites thanks to complex algorithms combining technical aspects (markups…), relevance of texts & authority of the website (backlinks…)

Our experts are going to help you increase your organic visibility. Cela commence par une stratégie de mots et expressions clés, établie avec vous. This starts with a keyword strategy that you lead. They will proceed with the optimisation of your website not only technically but also in terms of “literature”  to make sure the content matches the expectations of your market. 

  • Initial visibility audit
  • Keyword & expression strategy
  • Technical optimization of your website
  • Editorial optimization of your pages
  • Back link suggestions
  • Google My Business enrollment
  • 1 visibility audit per quarter
  • 1 readjustement per quarter

Advertising Pack

Digital advertising strategy

Advertising Campaign

With the Advertising Pack, acquire new customers!


Internet users are not all actively searching for something in particular. Whether their needs are imediate or not, how can you be known to them?

With an optimised budget, Ogustine helps you find those customers thanks to online advertising. Several methods are available to you:

  • Sponsored links on search engines (Google) ;
  • Social network advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn) ;
  • Geo-targeted banners in your catchment area ;
  • Advertising retargeting of anyone who is yet to be converted

Ogustine will help you target your prospects based on their profile and their location in order to optimise your digital advertising campaign

  • Google AdWords key expressions
  • Creation of Facebook visuals
  • Creation of Linkedin visuals
  • Creation of programmatic advertising banners
  • Creation of retargeted advertising banners
  • Campaign settings & targetings
  • Quarterly follow-ups & audits 

*Non inclusive of advertising budget (Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.)


Animation Pack

Social media strategy

Social networks

With the Animation Pack, a community manager available to you at all times !


Your Facebook & LinkedIn company pages are indispensable tools to be added on top of your website ! It is the opportunity to engage with your customers in a relationship of proximity, of interactivity & recommendation. It is also a recruiting vector to get your personal home service employees

If you do not keep your social media profiles updated on a regular basis to generate the interest of your community , whatever excitement you managed to generate will certainly die out

 As you might have a team from within, Ogustine can definitely reach what you are targeting!


  • Creation, personalisation and setup of your Facebook/Linkedin page
  • Monthly mini-editorial board
  • Quarterly or monthly events
  • Regular publications

Promotion Pack

Email strategy

Email Marketing Campaign

With the Promotion Pack, prospect & retain your customers !



To promote your business & services, you cannot ignore how important it is to have an actual email marketing plan

Commercial offer, seasonal deals, communication within the framework of a loyalty program, newsletter, … :  there is always an opportunity to send emails but so little time to do so. 

Let our team deal with your campaigns to automate them ( trigger when opened, clicks, anniversary dates…) 


  • Newsletter template creation
  • Landing page creation
  • Campaign creation
  • Storyline and automatic trigger setups
  • Assistance searching for prospect files
  • Installation & segmentation of files
  • Tests & routing
  • Statistics & campaign report

* Non-inclusive of prospect files & routing fees


Website Pack

Your showcase 

 A website that you define

With the Website Pack,  open a new sales channel!


Given the fact that 2/3 of French people make purchases online, more than half own a smartphone & considering the fact that over 1/3 of senior citizens are connected to the internet, there is no need to wonder about the relevance of getting a professional website

If you believed that the personal home service industry was not going to go through this digital transformation, keep in mind it ranks in the top three among the sectors that are the most affected by platformisation

 Not only does your website have to be driving your visual identity & informative content but also provide your visitors with a smooth browsing experience, on a computer as well as a smartphone and integrate natively Ogustine’s online booking & payment system

  • Creation of your website on WordPress
  • Brief on graphic vision
  • Icon search (photos+pictograms)
  • Colour codes
  • Typography combinations
  • Optimisation & handling of visuals before integration
  • Specific CSS creation (style)
  • Content structure (web tree, menus) 
  • Editing/editing optimisation
  • Editing content integration integration
  • Contact form creation
  • Reservation button creation connected to your Ogustine solution
  • Social media button creation & connection